We have available Sphynx Kittens with a healthy body and balanced temperament

Comrade for You cat home  is a small cattery raising all of our kittens underfoot and lovingly socializing them for their forever homes. We offer some of the most beautiful and sought Sphynx Kittens in United States. We would like to welcome you to our site.

 As early as we can recall, my love for this wonderful breed began as a young child. Mother “introduced” me to Sphnx Kittens after arriving home from the hospital, when she decided to place three of her queens into my bassinet. Later in life, Mom went on to explain how she grabbed her camera and took pictures of me with her three breeding queens nestled into my bassinet. This has always been a treasured story growing up as a child. The Sphynx Kitten has always been part of my life until I left to join the military and marry. After leaving the military, I came home and was devastated to learn that Mother’s health had deteriorated and was no longer able to breed. Needless to say, I was determined to continue breeding the Sphynx Kitten. Unfortunately for me, my mother petted out most of her breeding cats, which left me the job of finding new bloodlines. Thankfully at the time, I was able to locate a Sphynx Kitten breeder who sold me my very first foundational breeding cats. Qualities of our breeding program are based on soundness, health, temperament and balance. We are continuously searching for old lineages, combing each pedigree looking for pure, sound and healthy lines.

Our kittens come vet checked, microchipped, health guaranteed, spayed/neutered, well-socialized and litter box trained. They also go home with a bag full of items such as a quality lil pals brush, harness with leash, toys, scratching board, blanket (that smells like home) as well as 30 days of free pet health insurance with Trupanion to cover any potential accidents or illnesses. You will be given advice and instructions on how to properly introduce your kitten to your home as well as information about bathing, ear cleaning, litter box, litter, food, water, vaccines, nosodes, transporting and important requirements for cat specific furniture. 

If you’re looking for an active, fun, devoted companion with elegant good looks, a Sphynx cat is a wonderful choice.